5 Interesting Facts of Bandung’s Megah Gelora Stadium Lutan Api

Megah Gelora Stadium Lautan Api Bandungis among the largest stadiums in Bandung. Additionally into starling Harupak, this stadium can be always utilized like the house of Persib Bandung when competing in various competitions. The stadium was built by 2009 to 2013. Then after that the Bandung city government renovated the GBLA stadium in 2016 and cost about 545 billion rupiah. Now the stadium is the home base of the Persib Bandung team and is among the greatest stadiums in Indonesia. With a very grand design, it is no wonder that this stadium is always utilized as a location for selfies or pictures by the audience.

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In addition to that, there are intriguing facts about the Bandung Lautan Api Gelora Stadium. International Standard Stadium. The greatest stadium in West Java has National and International standards. Additionally at the GBK stadium in Jakarta, it turns out that Bandung also has a stadium which ought to be proud of. As with the Bung Karno Gelora, this stadium also uses Zoysia Martella grass, this grass has a strong root potency. Additionally, the GBLA stadium can be equipped with athletic places, offices, using full cellular stands, and is equipped with scoring boards. The stadium has the capability to accommodate approximately 38, 000 spectators employing ferco brand chairs.

So it is not surprising that GBLA is an international standard stadium. Stadium Name. Before you call Gelora Bandung Lautan Api, the name of the stadium has many alterations. Originally the stadium was named as the Sepabola Main Stadium of Gedebage. Since at the time the mayor of Bandung was being held by the torso of Rosada, there was a suggestion to the stadium to be named Gelora Rosada Stadium. Since it caused a lot of polemic and controversy, the DPRD of the town of Bandung held a plenary meeting to determine the name of the stadium. Consequently the stadium was named with the Bandung Lautan Api Gelora.

Home Base Persib Bandung. Persib Bandung is among the big teams in West Java competing in the Indonesian league1. Prior to the GBLA stadium, Persib Bandung made the Jalak Harupat stadium the home base. The sijalak harupat stadium also has good amenities, but the GBLA stadium has better amenities than the Harupat starlings. With the presence of the GBLA stadium, the Sijalak Harupat Stadium can be sometimes utilized as a home game when the stadium is being used. Stadium centers. This stadium facility is very complete beginning from the construction and office space with 4 floors with an area of 72, 000 m2. Then it was equipped with 766 toilets and prayer rooms in each room. Additionally, the stadium has a large digital screen and has a helicopter runway. Inside the stadium there’s a VVIP space for state officials armed with bullet proof glass.